Monday, February 16, 2015

Valve Swap Radiant and Dire Positions after Convincing Reddit post

BELLEVUE, WA— Following an extremely popular post on the popular online website "Reddit /r/DOTA2", Valve have decided to flip the positions of the Dire and Radiant teams in their video game DOTA2. The Radiant, which previously occupied the bottom left portion of the game's map, is now in the top right corner after Valve recognized that the previous positioning just didn't "feel right". Talks have now begun to flip the map vertically as well, as this would make the game more visually appealing to the Reddit audience.

The new minimap as seen in-game. Valve have stated that the courier icon will be flipped right-side up following Source 2's release.

Unofficial Valve spokesperson and avid karma whore Wykrhm has since announced plans to integrate the official DOTA2 dev forums with Reddit, effectively fusing both into a karma based suggestion system where only useless OCD fueled suggestions will ever make the cut. This includes a new system where players can alt-click foreign languages to automatically translate Russian insults into English using Bing™ translate, a new and improved shopkeeper's quiz playable only in the fountain, a live in-game twitter feed of your favorite esports celebrities and a Paypal donation button which can be used to purchase more ValveBux™, a new form of digital currency which let you buy powerups for your creeps.